Liners - Cargo in containers

 - Checking of the containers condition, during unloading and/or at   Terminal,

 - Checking of the cargo condition inside the containers with particular attention to the stowage and to the internal lashing,

 - Follow up of claims together with the Agent/Owner's Representative,

 - Assistance during the claim recovery,

 - Damage statistic data processed periodically by computer,

 - Prompt issue of survey reports for delivery to Shipping Line and/or Agent.


Our office can assure a continuous presence on board of the vessel during the commercial operation, in order to follow the proper lashing of the containers, the right plugging of the reefer ctrs, the right lashing of the over-dimension flat rack ctrs and any other matter related to the liner service business.



 Break bulk


 - Checking of the condition of the cargo to be loaded in break bulk,

 - Checking of the packing suitability,

 - Checking of the real dimensions of the cases/pieces,

 - Checking of the real marks@no.s to be reported in the bill of lading,

 - Loading plan for the break bulk,

 - Pre-planning of the most proper lashing to carry out on board,

 - Assistance during loading/unloading and lashing operation on board.


Moreover, in case of damages, a letter of protest, written upon licence and in order to protect the interest of our Principal is sent to the responsible party.


 Pre-loading surveys


 - Checking of the cargo condition before loading,

 - Checking of the cargo spaces on board of the ship,

 - Checking of the handling, loading, stowage and lashing of the cargo.

 Ascertainments on bunker supplies


 - Checking of the quality of the product before the loading of the lighter, by sampling the interested shore tanks and by attending the analysis in a lab,

 - Checking of the suitability of the lighter,

 - Checking of the quantity of the loaded product,

 - Checking of the quality of the loaded product by mean of continuous sampling and lab analysis,

 - Statistical data for the management and the maintenance of engines and plants on board.







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