Technical and nautical surveys


 - On hire - Off hire surveys,

 - Condition surveys,

 - Ascertainments following to particular and general averages,

 - Reconstruction of the event,

 - Assistance to works in ship's general and damage repairs, conversions, newbuilding.


 Motor yachts and Sailing boats


 - Estimate of the vessel on the basis of type, age and condition,

 - Determination and evaluation of damages to hull and machinery,

 - Reconstruction of the event,

 - Ascertainments about the liabilities,

 - Ascertaiment and checking about repair in progress and/or completed repairs.



 - Ascertainment of the damages and examination of the original estimate on the basis of IICL current edition or requested standard (transit surveys),

 - Ascertaiment after the repair (post-repair surveys),

 - On hire - Off hire surveys,

 - EDP management of data.










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